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Mr.  Casey  Walters
4th Grade English language Arts
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4th Grade


I graduated Motlow in 2011 Magna Cum Laude with a major in Elementary Education. I was enrolled in the 2+2 program through Motlow and Tennessee Tech.  I then graduated from Tennessee Tech in 2013 with my major being Elementary Education and I graduated Magna Cum Laude from here also. 


My first year teaching was at Flintville Elementary and then my family and I moved to Lynchburg and the following year I picked up an interim at Westwood Elementary in Manchester teaching 2nd grade.  The following school year I also had an interim at Moore County High School teaching 8th grade.  Then last year I picked up an interim at Rock Creek Elementary for Kelsea Damron's 5th grade ELA class and fell in love with this school.  After that interim was over I went to South Middle School in Cowan and worked there until I was hired on at Rock Creek full time for this school year.


I was born in L.A. (lower Alabama for those of you who are unfamiliar with that term), but I was raised in Memphis and lived there until I was 24.  I worked as a Deputy Court Clerk for Division 4 in Criminal Court of the Shelby County Court System.  When I moved to Lincoln County I did not know anyone except for my parents, who also knew no one.  I delivered pizza for Domino's for 3 years until I went to work for the Lincoln County Sheriff's Dept. as a Corrections Officer for the next two years and decided after our first daughter was born that I needed to make more money for our family.  I went into used car sales for myself and that obviously didn't work out as well as I thought it would, I started the business at the beginning of the mini-depression in 2007.  I decided to go back to school when that did not work out.  I had been teaching defensive driving classes since 2005 and my mother was a teacher and I realized at that point that I would really like to follow a path in teaching.  So at this point my wife and I had two children (Kailey and Ethan) and I started the 2+2 program in the Fall semester of 2009.  I went back to work at Domino's to work around school hours and taught defensive driving classes and substitute taught as much as possible.  All of that busyness really hasn't stopped either.  I teach full time and still teach defensive driving classes and have a small goat farm which I plan on growing in the near future.  When I'm not working on one of these many things I'm spending time with my family or starting a new project, right now that is renovating my dining room and foyer, stripping all the wallpaper down and painting and installing new hardwood floors and lighting.