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Assignments 2nd Grade
Due Date: 10/26/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade

Homework Assignments:



Story: "One Good Turn Deserves Another"

Monday-Read pages 320-335 in the Reading Street book.  Study the vocabulary words.  Complete the Fresh Read.

Tuesday- Complete the Fresh Read.  Study the vocabulary words.

Wednesday-Complete the Fresh Read.  Study the vocabulary words.  Reread pages 320-335.

Thursday-Test over vocabulary words, phonics-ai, ay, comprehension-compare and contrast

Friday-No Homework

Spelling-Study the Unit 2 Week 5 Spelling Words every night.  Test-Thursday

English(Conventions)-We will study possessive nouns.

Math-We will solve one step word problems with two-digit numbers.

Every night students will bring home the same math facts sheet which is page 10 this week.  On Thursday there will be a test over the same math facts sheet.