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Reading and Math
Due Date: 10/20/2017
Subject: 1st Grade

October 16-20, 2017


Unit 1:  Animals, Tame and Wild

Unit Question:  How are people and animals important to one another?

Story for this week:  The Big Blue Ox

Story Question:  How do animals help people?

Spelling Words:  hot, pot, got, pop, mop, hop, mom, ox, lock, rock   (There will be a written spelling test on Friday over these words. Please help your student practice writing these spelling words to prepare for Friday, October 20.  Thank you!)

High Frequency Words:  blue, help, from, get, little, use

Amazing Words (oral vocabulary): past, present, produce, transportation, danger, serve, snuggle, enormous, powerful

Phonics Skills - Consonant s/z/, plural -s       Vowel short /o/

Text-Based Comprehension:  Character and Setting

Writing and Grammar Conventions:  Writing and reading sentences; recognizing the predicate (action part) of the sentence


NOTE:  Remember! Your child will bring home the Blue Reader on MONDAY night; a paperback decodable reader on TUESDAY night; a paperback subject-related reader WEDNESDAY night; and the Blue Reader again on THURSDAY night to prepare for the test on Friday. Please allow your child to read to you for practice.  Thank you!



Lesson 31 - Digraph th and its "hard" sound (thumb) and "soft" sound (feather)

Lesson 32 - Digraph ng (ring) and suffix -ing (walking)

Lesson 33 - Suffix -ed (baked, haunted)

Lesson 34 - Digraph ee (sheep)



Math practice continues with addition facts; subtraction facts; using addition and subtraction to solve word problems; using addition and subtraction to compare; fact families; number bonds; numbers/number words; counting to 120; and odd and even numbers.

We will continue with double math facts in our math lessons, and we will also introduce doubles plus one this week. We will practice counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's and also discuss the use of a calendar. We have also introduced telling time to the hour on an analog clock and what time to the hour looks like on a digital clock. We will also be working with number lines to show our addition and subtraction.

The students love being mathematicians!

Remember!  Your student's Homework Math Facts will be addition facts and subtraction facts.  The students will complete one row of addition facts and one row of subtraction facts each night.  The rows are labeled with the day of the week they are to be completed. The Friday Test will be two rows - - one addition and one subtraction.