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Reading and Math
Due Date: 10/27/2018
Subject: 1st Grade


October 22-26, 2018

REMEMBER - - The Homework/Behavior Sheet in your student's notebook is your guide to our homework assignments and your student's behavior at school.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



 Unit 2 -  Communities - Our stories will be about people and animals in communities.

Unit Question - What is a community?

Story 4 in Unit 2:  The Big Circle  pages 112-128

Story question:  How do animal communities work together to survive?

Phonics Skills:  Making contractions and using Long o/silent e  (example: home) in our spelling words.

Writing and Grammar Conventions:  Capitalization of Proper Nouns: Days, Months, and Holidays

Text-Based Comprehension:  Sequencing and Inferring/Inferences

Amazing Words - enemy, protect, extinct, holler, bluff, crater, swamp, boisterous  (These words are for oral vocabulary enrichment. Students will not be tested over these words.)

Vocabulary Words (High Frequency Words) - down, inside, now, there, together  (This reading series normally chooses two of these words to be added to the spelling list each week.)

Spelling Words - home, woke, joke, hose, those, rose, stone, bone, hope, rode, there, together  (There will be a written test each Friday over the spelling words. Spelling words will always include two of the vocabulary/high frequency words for a total of 12 words.)




NOTE:  Please return the completed Saxon Homework Sheet to school each day in the homework section of your student's notebook. A few of the students have been leaving this sheet at home and not returning it to school.  All homework is returned to school.  Thank you!

Lesson 36 - Syllable division vc'/cv

Lesson 37 - Short and long sounds of vowel u

Lesson 38 - The Letter Ww

Note:  Lesson 39 will be completed at school only.  No Lesson 39 homework. 


Note:  In our Saxon Lessons, we do the front side of the phonics sheet in class, and the back of the sheet is normally assigned for homework. You will see this homework assignment added to the homework/behavior sheet in your student's notebook if it is for homework. Thank you for helping your student! 




Math Series - Curriculum Associates

Unit 2 - Addition and Subtraction and Learning Facts to 10

This week in our math lessons, we will be discussing the equal sign = and its meaning in mathematics.

We continue this week with number partners for a given number - - all the various number combinations to reach a certain sum.

We will continue a review of doubles facts and doubles facts plus one.

We will relate our number partners we are learning to numbers bonds and fact families.

Our math studies always include counting, skip counting, numbers and number words, shapes and shape words, tally counting, and number lines as well as our addition and subtraction practice. We have also learned to compare and match sets to show how much more and how much less.

We are using our classroom Math Journals to practice completing missing numbers in number lines, writing numbers and number words, addition, subtraction, tally mark counting. We are also practicing number bonds and fact families in our Math Journals. We will add our number partner study to our Math Journal work.

We are first grade mathematicians!