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Reading and Math
Due Date: 2/24/2018
Subject: 1st Grade


February 19-23, 2018

Unit 3 - Changes

Unit Question:  What is changing in our world?

Story 4 of Unit 3 - Frog and Toad Together: The Garden 

Story Question:  What changes happen in a garden?

Spelling Words:  plan, planned, help, helped, drop, dropped, call, called, ask, asked       Bonus Words: again, soon  (There will be a written spelling test on Friday over these words. Please help your student practice writing these spelling words to prepare for Friday, February 23.  Thank you!)


High Frequency Words:  afraid, again, few, how, read, soon

Amazing Words (oral vocabulary): gardener, sprout, shade, destroy, nature, dim, sprinkling, humongous

Phonics Skills - R-controlled ar (example:  farm)    Adding endings (suffix -ed in the spelling words)

Text-Based Comprehension:  Author's Purpose; Visualize

Writing and Grammar Conventions:  Writing sentences; verbs for past and future.


NOTE:  Remember! Your child will bring home the Blue Reader on MONDAY night;  a paperback decodable reader and Blue Reader on TUESDAY night; a paperback subject-related reader WEDNESDAY night; and the Blue Reader again on THURSDAY night to prepare for the test on Friday. Please allow your child to read to you for practice.  Thank you!



Lesson 96 - Suffix -es

Lesson 97 - The diphthongs ou and ow

Lesson 98 - Spelling with the diphthongs ou and ow  (Note:  Due to our short school week, Lesson 98 Homework will be completed in class. No Lesson 98 Homework will be brought home for completion. I know you are happy!)

Lesson 99 - The Rules vc/ccv and vcc/cv for syllable division



We continue with our study of tens and ones.  We will use various combinations of tens and ones to show a number. (Example: 67 can be represented as 6 tens and 7 ones or 5 tens and 17 ones.)  We will also use our drawings of tens and ones to compare numbers for more than or less than.

We continue finding 10 more and 10 less than a given number.  We will practice this skill using the 120 Chart and using groups of ten. We will also practice adding and subtracting with tens/groups of ten.

We will continue our study of tens and ones and relating this to ones place and tens place in numbers. We will continue our look at the 120 Chart for patterns we see. We will use the 120 Chart to find missing numbers in a number line and for counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. We will continue finding 1 more than a given number, 2 more, and 5 more.

Practiced skills continue to include adding three numbers together to get our sum. 

We continue to practice our addition facts; subtraction facts; using addition and subtraction to solve word problems; using addition and subtraction to compare; fact families; number bonds; numbers/number words; counting to 120; and odd and even numbers.

We will continue identifying time to the hour and helf hour on an analog clock and a digital clock.

Remember!  Your student's Homework Math Facts will be addition facts and subtraction facts.  The students will complete one row of addition facts and one row of subtraction facts each night.  The rows are labeled with the day of the week they are to be completed. The Friday Test is two rows of addition facts and two rows of subtraction facts to be completed at school.